The art of product

Getting from ideas to delighted customers

John Maynard Keynes v Henry Ford

Keynes believed that value is often determined by what we think other people want. Ford believed customers cannot fully capable of describing what they want (they would ask for a faster horse, not an automobile)

Are they both right? Or should we really ask customers what they want.

The free iPad Question

The free iPad Question One of the most challenging parts of being a product manager is being tasked with finding out what customers really value. Yet unless we ask the right questions in the right way, we may be getting answers that are lead us to wrong conclusion. Here is how to avoid that from happening.

How to interview customers badly

  Have you ever been interviewed yourself for being a potential customer? I was last week. It went badly to say the least and made me reflect on what mistakes not to make when trying to get insight from talking to customers.