The art of product

Getting from ideas to delighted customers

John Maynard Keynes v Henry Ford

Keynes believed that value is often determined by what we think other people want. Ford believed customers cannot fully capable of describing what they want (they would ask for a faster horse, not an automobile)

Are they both right? Or should we really ask customers what they want.

Why B2B customer discovery is hard

Customer discovery is a process for testing your core business assumptions. It is a process which helps us learn more about our customer segments, problem, solution and value proposition.

What makes customer discovery more difficult for a B2B product? How can we overcome these challenges?

Your Users. If they quack, then they are ducks.

  A blog post about Early Adopters. Like Mythical creatures such as centaurs or unicorns, authors speak with such certainty about Early Adopters; what their adoption curve is like/how many of them you see in the early days; how to leverage them for information once you find them.

Getting feedback: A picture is worth a thousand words.

It’s Not Technical Being a product guy for over ten years now, I have seen countless times how a picture is worth a 1000 words. The real challenge in building software isn’t technical; everything can technically be built. The real challenge is in communication.